2011 Track Record

Region Year Role/Project Title Client
Nugaal, Bari and Mudug 2011 Compiled, edited, and prepared annual reports for Diakonia key local partners that include, SFS, WAWA, Kaalo, GECPD, YES, GTEC, PSU and SDO Diakonia
Bari, Nugal and Mudug 2011 Tracer study on literacy and skill training centres in Puntland Diakonia
Somaliland 2011 Baseline assessment (Berbera fisheries associations, networks, and fishermen GAVO
Drawn from all regions of Somalia and held in Garowe 2011 Strengthening Somali Civil Society Organizations to Promote a Holistic Approach to Democracy and Human Rights that are Keys to Peace and Development workshop SIRC & Bin Adam Organization
Nugal region of Puntland 2011 Preparation of Annual report of 2010 Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation (MoPIC)
Mudug region 2011 Evaluation on UNICEF funded Management of the Maturation process [MMP] project in selected schools in Mudug region GECPD
Nugal region of Puntland 2011 Preparation of 5 years progressive report Ministry of Women Development and Family Affairs (MoWDaFA)
Bari region 2011 Preparation of annual report PSA
Nugal region of Puntland 2011 Draft and finalization of Puntland Gender Policy Ministry of Women Development and Family Affairs (MoWDaFA)
All regions of Puntland 2011 Translation of Horn Relief’s Somalia Cash Guidelines from English to Somali Adeso
Bari and Nugal 2011 Corporal Punishment Trainings and Forums Ministry of Education
Sanag and Bari regions 2011 Translation of Pastoral Youth Leadership (PYL) curriculum Adeso