2013 Track Record

Region Year Role/Project Title Client
Somaliland and Puntland regions 2013-2014 Handling the Data collection aspect of baseline survey for Somali Girls Education promotion Programme (SOMGEP) CARE, Social Impact
Lower and Middle Juba 2013 South Somalia WASH and Integrated Livelihoods Emergency Project. Funded by ECHO Oxfam GB
Karkaar, Bari, Nugal and Sanag 2013 End line Evaluation for WASH programme funded by UNICEF Save the children International
Gardho, Karkaar Region 2013 Monitoring on ECHO funded mobile cash programming Save the children International
Bay and Bakool regions of Somalia 2013 Multi sectoral baseline survey in Bay and Bakol Save the children
Lower shabeele region 2013 Evaluation on Unwrapped project in Lower Shabelle Oxfam GB
All regions of Puntland 2013 Quantitative study on orphans and other vulnerable children in Puntland PASWE
Hiran region 2013 Evaluation on Food security and Livelihood activities in Hiran Save the children
Puntland, Somaliland and South central of Somalia 2013 Humanitarian pastoral study in all Somalia DRC
Hiran region 2013 Monitored a canal rehabilitation project in Hiran Save the children
Nugal region of Puntland 2013 Translation of Curriculum and Training manual on Gender, Conflict, Peace Building and Political Participation of Women in Somalia Adeso
Nugal, Bari regions of Puntland 2013 Ethnographic study on community child protection mechanisms UNICEF
Mudug region 2013 Employment and social protection needs assessment in Galkayo, Somalia ILO
Nugal region 2013 Small scale business managements training VSF–Germany
2013 FGM Eradication Project, Number: QZA-09/246-18 Garwonet